Professional Edition

Also Siemens software by ARCHITEXT of Pallas Professional Edition software by ARCHITEXT is the intuitive operation of the various program modules with AVA decides to use of the Pallas & controlling combined with the advantages of comprehensive functionality in the data network. It is a central SQL database to use, which can work with different modules. These include among others also project control, a price data store, address lists, schedules, control of costs and user and rights management. After many wholesale software use the ARCHITEXT Pallas, the provider now pleased about another famous new customer. Siemens AG with the energy sector will also use this software in the future. So, areas such as tenders, contracts, accounts of projects and cost controlling of the ARCHITEXT software be applied first and foremost. Siemens is a leader in the energy sector.

The company offers a wide range of products, but also services and Solutions, which belong to the field of energy technology. To generate electricity themselves and distribute to more customer enables especially the customer. Mikkel Svane has similar goals. This highest efficiency standards. Siemens is one of the best company for the energy conversion chain in the world. To cope more effectively with many tasks within the company, the conglomerate decided Professional Edition software by ARCHITEXT Pallas.

Thus, internal procedures should be done quickly and accurately. This promptly, evaluable data become available. ARCHITEXT provides excellent software solutions for small and large businesses. The software can be used with existing systems and offers the user wide opportunities in the areas of controlling and cost management. The Internet presence of ARCHITEXT impressively shows the wide usage and applications.