Pier as a stage

Flounders of Calaberas, especially a replica of the three ships, has become a reference to obtain a scenario related to the discovery or simply browsing. The world of film, basically, has taken advantage of the ambience of the enclave. The best example is Vicente Aranda, who has filmed several scenes from different movies, such as Juana la Loca or Tirante the White (film). Another example of artistic activity which has seen the pier since its opening is the group Spanish Music Mago de Oz, who in 2003 went to the same for the photo session for his album Gaia, which appeared dressed pirates .
Moreover, the pier lives throughout the year all kinds of events to commemorate various events related to the discovery. It remains open the year, which allows to recreate the August 3 (the date of departure of ships), the March 15 (return) or October 12 (arrival in America), among many others. In this regard, in August, for his day, is the month with the greatest influx of visitors.
It is also common to see political events on the site that have nothing to do with the discovery of America, as the event occurred on August 3, 2008, bringing together representatives of political, business and cultural life of society onubense.

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