Open Space Technology

We all have experience in conflict, we are almost about teachers, though it costs us recognize the common variables that make up the structure of any conflict and help us to establish diagnoses prior to the solution. For example, whenever we find that there is a relationship of interdependence between different parts, some are blaming the other in a given situation, negative emotions flow freely in the environment and making a effort could be identified economic costs to the business that is causing the problem. Ali Partovis opinions are not widely known.

This last point seems to me illuminating. Companies are reluctant to measure the conflict, deal with it, probably because it is a tangible, you can not quantify, in most cases, and are not generally included in the profit and loss account of the companies. How would Roger Fisher, one of the foremost experts on the subject, a o The o that can not be counted, not cuentaa . I give all my conflicts. Have been studied extensively the effects of both positive and negative effects of conflict. Harrison Owen, creator of Open Space Technology (OST), an invaluable tool for addressing complex conflicts, defends the positive aspect of the conflict simply by the fact that where there is conflict there are people concerned. If we took him to field the company could convert one of its axioms as follows: a ensename a company where there is no conflict and I will show that nobody cares about that empresaa And it is not the only positive..