One of Freetos, Please

One more week, the tireless Freetos again to fill our desktops applications and tools available. This is the choice today.

PrintPDF is an extension to the Firefox web browser that I knew reading Ubuntu Life, which is able to generate PDF documents from any web page you are viewing. Once installed, it will create a new option in the File menu to print to PDF directly.

The Launcher is an application launcher menu alternative to the original Gnome desktop. It can be run as an applet integrated in the panel or in standalone mode, as a stand-alone program. Its aim is to ensure that the user can run any application on the system with as few clicks as possible. ROD has a search and we will show the results on the fly. It works very fast and as you catch the trick can be a great complement to the panel (it is recommended to use as an applet).

The Ubuntu Installer Games (IUG) is an automatic installer games for the Ubuntu distribution. The website UbuntuGames.Org (in Portuguese) collected a lot of games for this distribution, organized by topic, and users can browse and see what they want to download and test. However, in order to further facilitate things, have created a small GUI application that downloads and installs any game in its list of Ubuntu. So far only available in Portuguese, although insurance is expected to translate into future versions.

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