NXPowerLite 4.0 optimizing JPEGs and Microsoft Office files in ZIP archives, integration in Lotus Notes. The newspapers mentioned Samsung Electronics not as a source, but as a related topic. The new version 4.0 of NXPowerLite reduces the size of JPEGS, Word, Excel & PowerPoint files in ZIP archives and can be integrated in addition to Microsoft Outlook now also in Lotus Notes. Pete Cashmore follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. NXPowerLite who marktfu? version 4.0 reduces feeding software for optimizing Microsoft Office files, another important file format of the daily workflow: JPEG. As the only program on the market, NXPowerLite is also able that self-defeating? records formats to optimize, when they are part of a ZIP archive. Also expanded the possibilities of integration for mail clients, the software can be integrated in Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook.

NXPowerLite Overview: the optimization of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and JPEG files with NXPowerLite is lightning fast and without any quality loss according to the later purpose. As documents, tables, presentations, and JPEGS easier use, stored and be passed. The file is editable, an unzip on the sides of the receiver is not necessary. NXPowerLite is available as desktop and server solution. When using the Server Edition can be released very quickly large amounts of disk space and simplify the backup process. \”So, NXPowerLite makes an important contribution to a greet? kidney\” storage strategy. New in version 4.0: 1 integration into Lotus Notes the automatic optimization of files in Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook relieves u? berfu? t inboxes and allows you to easily send of large email attachments 2.

optimization of JPEG always gu? nstigere digital camera prices with higher resolution are more and more image files created and sent. Here fu? without prejudice to the use of NXPowerLite a productive balance between file size and resolution. The space of each computer is used more efficiently and simplify the shipping. 3. optimization of Microsoft Office files and JPEGs in ZIP archives so far, it was not possible already zipped Microsoft To optimize without previously to unpack these Office files or JPEGS.