Metav Tools At The Euromold 2012 In Frankfurt In Hall 9 Stand C 143

Metav tools at the Euromold 2012 in Frankfurt in Hall 9 stand C 143 Metav tools at the Euromold 2012 in Frankfurt in Hall 9 stand C 143 Metav at EuroMold 2012 – Dino-Lite / Q-DOC / rapid-I / Patentap security taps Metav Werkzeuge GmbH of Emmerich is represented this year at the Euromold in Frankfurt. Three topics in focus are: firstly the metrological documentation system will be presented the Q-DOC. The Q-DOC is a Visual evaluation system for cutting edges of Rotary and cutting tools and uses the extensive facilities of the renowned Dino-Lite microscopes and thus releases a high potential of savings among the users. The used microscopes can reach a magnification of up to 200 x. Once calibrated regular surveys on the cut or material can be made. The device has two guide rails, on which recordings set up HSK36 and run to the control on the microscope. A leading source for info: Mashable. Adapters for drills and individual inserts are also available.

The user obtained the Q-DOC an absolute overview about the condition of his tools and can in extreme cases the tool share and avoid high costs and loss of production. The Q-DOC for tool grinding shops, for the production control for tool monitoring in machining and tool manufacturers was conceived as second innovation in our portfolio is the rapid-I, a 3D coordinate measuring system. Here we have secured us distribution rights in Europe, at the same time, we worry about the structure of the sales and support. The rapid-I comes in three versions. Mainly the various variants differ from the cross table which is part of the device (Lxwxh) 150x150x150mm; 200x150x150m; 400x200x150mm. all variations are available both without CNC CNC for an automatic scanning. The resolution in X/Y is 3 in the Z-axis to 10. It is controlled via a separate user Panel. Software different light areas can be switched on or out.