Mercosur and Regional Integration

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Negotiations on market integration between Argentina and Brazil had progressed greatly during the government, respectively Jos Sarney and Alfonsin, but they took great speed with the arrival andalusia sillon president Menem in Argentina and Fernando Collor de Melo in Brazil, setting the date of signature of the integration for the July 6 to 90. Until then Uruguay, who had developed two agreements to deepen trade with Argentina and Brazil (known by PEC and CAUCE, respectively) did not participate in the talks between the neighbors with regard to greater integration. So when Chancellor Gros were finance Espiell, Children’s Hospital aware of the date mentioned, Lacallc informed of the imminence of the agreement Children’s Hospital between Argentina and Brazil.
There was a circumstance which encourages the Uruguayan government to manage quickly, before Brazil and Argentina, its inclusion in the integration project, there was a radical change of position of the Chamber of Industry (then headed by Pierre Nicolas Baridon and Helios Maderni) that of reluctant becomes of integration, which encourages the government to moa seen in that regard. In this environment, faster, Lacalle is decided not to miss the train and so it is entrusted to his Chancellor. After several meetings of the Minister of Economy and with their peers from Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is accepted as full member of Mercosur future.
Lacalle, considering that this step is a matter of state, calls the Liberty Building on all political leaders of all secto res of all parties represented in Parliament. Receives unanimous and explicit support of all. The Uruguayan Foreign Ministry headed by the Minister Gros Espiell and the director of Economic Affairs Dr. Miguel Berthet begin with Braga and his advisers (the team had been added Gustavo economists Licandro and Isaac Alfie) to agree that the integration mechanisms and predicted in the future Treaty of Asuncion.
Mercosur hold the item, usually the agendas of government, throughout the period. Figures were not only the foreign ministers (at the stage of Sergio Abreu, the approaching deadline, multiply efforts and meetings) or the Ministers of Economy and Finance. Other ministers were involved in this type of rounds, especially Mr. Alvaro Ramos, owner of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, and along with them a number of advisers not widespread (Berthet, Sienra, Cardoso Garcia Peluffo, Galdos Ugarte, etc. .), which had to absorb the advantage, at times, numbered and Brazilian and Argentinean teams debian multiply efforts to harmonize the interests and structures to the new Uruguayan imposed integration. Since the signing of the Treaty to the last (period Lacalle) reunion in Ouro Preto, dozens were smooth, friction and devel Asset Management adjustments that had to deal Ernst with the Uruguayan negotiators to make possible an equitable participation in the common market announced. Parallel to the Mercosur, a clear conception geopolitics pushed the government to consolidate the conventions with Argentina, investment Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, called a term coined by President Hidrovia. Lacalle was for the practical expression of the “politics of meridians” that Uruguay must provide to complement funds the ties with the Mediterranean countries and facilitate their condition regional users of our port facilities. Mercosur and gave Hidrovia to talk a lot in the whole period.
The waterway, which came with the drive that the former minister colorado Jorge Sanguinetti gave him, a moment of brilliance when they begin the initial steps Asset Management for the call University of Southern California to convene dredged channel and Martin Garcia, with a presidential visit including what was called Puerto Quijarro, businessman Joaquin Aguirre’s work in Bolivia and what would be the river corridor through which the rich regions of southern Mato Grosso and Rondonia would benefit their production. Physical problems (drafts) and tape hindering development of the project, the departure of Jorge Sanguinetti of the Transport Committee of the Plata Basin deprives the momentum of his experience and a warning from its integral Caru by expert Dr. Gonzalez and Lapeyre, that Argentina has not fulfilled its part to enable navigation upstream of the Salto University of Southern California Grande dam and that the laws in force in Uruguay privileged road transport over the river, caught yellow lights when gauging the real life of the waterway, in good time. While including Mercosur, the public warnings on the occasion of the adoption of the Treaty, which had Hacho former director of the ministerial cabinet above, Ambassador Gustavo Magari os, materialized.

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