Marking System

Do you know already something about this interesting technique? Here you platicare about this. He is known as marking to the technique of embodied above any surface and this technique consists of several procedures. Read additional details here: Marc Mathieu. The printing on the other hand, is a procedure of marking that is applied through automatic machines where a tampon silicone material, is that picks up the ink of an engraved plate and then manages to transfer it to the reason. Pad printing-marking system adapts to all kinds of surfaces and materials and is ideal as a recording system clean, economic and above all fast. There is another method of marking, better known as screen printing, which is regarded as a higher quality level printing system. The great advantage of this procedure of marking, is allowing capture contrasts and nuances that other systems fail to deliver.

This system is composed by a frame of wood that carries with it a piece of nylon on which the objective is recorded by ultraviolet rays. Laser, on the other hand, is considered as the method of marking with best quality. Now surely you’ve heard about this technique, and this is due to that plasma an indelible and high definition marking. This marking is achieved when you influence a beam laser on any material, volatizando or producing a change of color on this. With all this, you can recognize that the marking today is a fairly effective way to identify products. This technique is extremely important in many industrial processes that are developed today around the world. A. Verastegui hold.