Literature and Creation

Literature and Creation – In the field of literature has published the poetry books Against Clay, Something has come, in solidarity with the people of the Sahara, All cities, Passion gray backlit Lounge Alameda, Whom amount of Transit bodies and the novella The boundaries of the destination. Participated in the book and wrote sanroque os Tales Tales of the Civil War yet published. In his youth he founded the literary magazine Albarrac n. He has also participated in numerous concerts and events, receiving, on the other hand, various awards and recognition. 1975. Third prize for poetry “International Year of Women”. Malaga. 1979. He contributed to the poetic sanroque a “Cuestarriba. 1981. He founded the cultural group “Luz de Mayo”. 1987. He founded the literary magazine “Albarrac n. 1989. Poetry recital Andalusia Day. Castellar Hall. 1992. Recital “Young Poets”. Aula de Literatura Jos Gallows. San Roque. 1994. Poetry recital Bucraa twinning. Town Hall San Roque. 1994.Poetry recital solidarity with Rwanda. San Roque 1996. Recital collective “5th Anniversary Aula Jose Gallows”. 1998. Recital collective homage to Garcia Lorca. Center Rafael Alberti. San Roque. 2000. Reading Association of Municipalities of the Campo de Gibraltar. 2008. Poetry Contest First runner Artificer (Loja, Granada).