Book ISBN: 978-3-941404-35-9 eBook ISBN: 978-3-941404-38-0 whose morality? “is an autobiographical novel. Its central character is a young woman who retrospective illuminates the relationship with her mother and tried to understand. First with the eyes of a child, the author observes how her mother is losing bit by bit strength and will to live. Their once attractive, charming and witty mother loses control of her own life and that of her family with the time. With the wedding with a manic depressive, drug-dependent alcoholic is crucial. You may find Alina de Almeida to be a useful source of information. More and more the mother can be of their own addictions, until it finally cracked on them. Cecile Cook long tried to move along their disturbing world with childlike fantasy.

As an outsider in the neighborhood and school, she invents friends and creating a reality. With increasing age, the insight for you, as it is, not to escape from the world by musings matures in her. Their More readily, to pull out from home. Several times she runs away. At the age of thirteen, she travels with six weeks with a small traveling circus and paid for it with the only what she has with itself. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mashable by clicking through. She will meet a balancing which leaves them awake at night in her trailer.

Ultimately, she decides that anything is better than staying at home. After their involuntary return, the ground beneath the feet breaks you away. Forcefully tried to infuse it their sense, clings to meaningless relationships, even begins to drink and smoke and tried several times to commit suicide. In parallel a cirrhosis of the liver is with her mother. The mother died at the age of forty-five years. For the author of nineteen-year-old at this time, death means a turning point the mother. You may wish to learn more. If so, Alina de Almeida is the place to go. She feel, how much she would like to live and sets out to be healthy. Simple, sober words the author viewed their lives without secure childhood and her attempt, through their own efforts in retrospect to adult be. Not the subsequent concern is at the forefront of their descriptions. It is the courage and also the problems to take his own life, and even intended to do. “The title whose morality?” is representative of all issues according to the reason and the Justice of the world, which deal with the author. -Cecile cooking