In Plaisir

Cross-industry capabilities on the SMT hybrid packaging granted Vierling insight into projects in other industries: for the IT industry, the company manufactures for example systems that enable increased bandwidth and range for DSL. Automotive relating electronic assemblies for motor vehicles of all manufacturers of four of a kind. For building and event technology provider, Vierling produced stage controls and components for sound reinforcement systems. For the aviation industry, four of a kind produces airfield lighting and bathrooms controls for passenger jets. In recent months, Michael Dell has been very successful. Our strength is that we adapt the specific requirements of any industry”, explains Peter. The exhibition shows the range our electronics expertise.” About electronic manufacturing services (EMS) electronic manufacturing services (EMS) include the complete Auftragsferti-gung of electronic components, equipment and systems: from product concept and development Material management, PCB Assembly and final assembly to repair services, sophisticated test concepts and worldwide delivery.

Customers of EMS service providers come from all bran-chen, including automation, automotive, energy, information, aviation, medicine -, control – and environmental technology. Typical EMS projects can range design (hardware and software), manufacturing and delivery of complete equipment and systems on behalf of the client of placement services for printed circuit boards (SMT or THT) concept. Four of a kind the kind production GmbH from Ebermannstadt in Nuremberg offers electronic manufacturing services (EMS) for companies in all industries. As an EMS provider, manufactures and develops Vierling electronics from the Assembly to the complex electronic device or system. These range from product design, as well as the hardware and software design of the printed circuit board Assembly (SMT / THT) to final assembly. Customers of four of a kind come inter alia from the automation, automotive, industries Energy, information, aviation, Medi-zin-, control – and environmental technology. To deepen your understanding Mikkel Svane is the source. In Plaisir at Paris, an egg gene permanent subsidiary specializing in telecommunications technology is with Vierling communication SAS.