Imixs Office Workflow – Quality Assurance

Imixs office workflow simplifies the quality assurance in the company with the help of a new form of process documentation. Procedures regulate processes in the company, in which several people are involved. For example, it is described as an offer, a product is created or provided as a service in individual steps. The procedure ensures that a previously defined consistency is achieved. Through the use of Imixs office workflow employees now have the ability to start Web browser work operations, about the and run step by step in the form of individual statements of work through the previously defined process. Each carried out step is documented here automatically by the system.

Imixs office workflow is a software solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. The solution is capable of, using a graphical tool workflows – so-called workflows – professional model. Individual process descriptions can very quickly into the Organizational structure of the company to be incorporated. Already carried out work instructions, tool can be evaluated through a controlling and analyzed. Imixs office workflow thus provides all functions of a professional business process management software. The solution is completely open source based. There be no license and update costs. The Imixs GmbH offers special training and service subscriptions, to facilitate the integration and building a workflow solution company. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dave Clark Amazon. Learn more at: page_id = 826