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If you are finding that in the evening you are completely lacking sufficient strength, you have to start looking at everything else. Perhaps check out Peter Asaro for more information. It was so hard to concentrate on what I’m doing! All day and pulls in a dream – but at night you can not even sleep. Red, dry eyes – a feeling that the sand was poured into them. All annoying! Everything was only doing that drives me crazy! Simply impossible to remember everything that needs to be done need ideas and solutions always come ten minutes later than he should! But the main thing – it all seems so unimportant and indifferent you know yourself? If you feel that way for longer than six months – this is alarming: most likely, it’s not just fatigue. If Add to this for at least four symptoms from a list of additional symptoms (headache, mild fever, depression, dizziness, sore throat, enlargement and tenderness lymph nodes, sore muscles or joints) – you can confidently put themselves diagnosis: unfortunately, you – another victim of ‘office of the disease’! Heal yourself! So, you realize the seriousness of the situation. Today decline efficiency is obvious only to us, tomorrow it will notice a colleague, the next day to draw your attention to the head and is unlikely to award additional leave. Your value as a skilled worker falls? Urgently saves the day! Your competitive advantage – ‘Intelligent software’: high performance, attention and ability to concentrate, an excellent memory, speed and sound sleep at night! ‘Breynton’: intellect full power! Every morning, coming to work, you turn on your computer, and he begins to work properly.