High Availability For Larger Companies With Fujitsu

“New ADIVA: Fujitsu’x10sure IS expert solution” Bad Homburg, May 31, 2010. “The solution distributor ADIVA computer technology GmbH presents the expert system” another variation of Fujitsu x10sure IS “before. It enables the economic failure protection against server failure for larger companies in a simple way. The pre-installed x10sure IS is together with the proven Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers”ADIVA software solution ideal for environments that require a corresponding compute and memory performance. This is the case, already running a Windows Server 2008 and want to protect it against loss especially at larger companies with branches or outlets. X10sure IS how”is a Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers pre-installed software. You continuously monitors the server systems (monitoring) and automatically restores when a server of whose functionality fails. Should the productive system fail, the replacement system assumes IT operations automatically Application or virtual machine.

x10sure IS”replicated continuously all changes to system and application data on an identical replacement system in real time, and requires no external storage system, not a SAN, and also no expensive software licenses. Both servers use exclusively local, RAID-protected disk, which eliminates the need for an investment in costly external storage products. Savings of up to 60% can be achieved when compared to other high-availability offerings. The installation and operation are in high-volume automated and require no special knowledge. “ADIVA x10sure is expert solution IS the complete x10sure IS expert solution”, consisting of two Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX200 S5 servers and the matching x10sure IS “-software, is installed in accordance with the Fujitsu hardware and software specifications and available in ADIVA 10.250 euros (net – purchase price).” Installed ADIVA Microsoft operating system Server 2008 in addition on request and advise the partner in all questions to the use of the x10sure solutions in the various infrastructures and environments. To further support ADIVA suburb also provides installation – services for end customers. In addition ADIVA already this solution also for small and medium-sized enterprises in the form of cheaper x10sure IS entry system”on offer, is primarily through a decreased server capacity differs from the expert solution. More information around on the x10sure IS”get interested dealer in ADIVA 05251-8735-300 telephone number or by E-Mail at the address. In-depth information about the topic are on the ADIVA homepage under the term solutions”at any time available.