Greenhouse effect

the green energy revolution is lead by From fossil fuels to non-conventional energies renovales The challenge: to transform the global energy matrix The State must establish the lines of an energy strategy that induces the private sector to invest in technologies that ensure the independence, green energy security and which do not contribute to global electricity warming, says the author. Learn here how. (From Santiago natural gas de Chile) Can you imagine get home and plug the auto ‘In a couple of hours and the batteries are loaded with almost zero cost you can move more than one hundred kilometers. Earth as a whole body warm, it emits radiation, but when is your energy company! the temperature much lower than the sun, emits infrared radiation of a wavelength gas much longer than it receives. However, not all of this radiation back into space, because the greenhouse gases absorb industry’s Public Service Commission the major part.
The atmosphere shifts the energy thus received is one of the leading Energy Service Companies both into space (37.5 ) and against the Earth’s buying green energy surface (62.5 ). This represents 324 W/m2, about the same amount of energy from the Sun that, even without albedo. Thus, thermal equilibrium is established at a temperature higher than environmentally friendly energy that obtained without green energy solutions this effect. Known as a top energy company, constantly improves your energy savings. The importance of the effects of absorption and emission of radiation in the atmosphere are critical to the development of life as it is known. In fact, this has no effect if the average temperature of Earth’s surface energy service company would be about -22 C, and thanks to the greenhouse effect environment is about 14A C.
In areas of the Earth atmosphere which has little New York State proportion of greenhouse NY gases (especially water vapor), as in the great deserts, fluctuations in temperature between day (absorption of solar radiation) and night (released into the sky night) are very large.
For some years the man is producing an increase in greenhouse gases so that the atmosphere retains more heat and ESCOs returns to Earth even more energy, causing an imbalance in the radiative balance and global warming.
Furthermore, it can resemble a greenhouse, a subsidiary of the Corporation Company the CO2 being compared with the glass ceiling.

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