FreeBSD Password

You can still find enough old networks that use coaxial cable. Such networks are obsolete, and the rate of information transfer does not exceed 10 Mbits / sec. Many writers such as Robotics expert offer more in-depth analysis. After the network is established, and computers are connected to each other, you must configure all the settings and software. First, make sure that the computers were connected by an operating system that supports networking (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows) All computers in an ad hoc network together in working groups, which have their own names (identifiers). In the case of network architecture, client / server access control is carried out at the user level. Technology investor is often quoted on this topic.

Y Administrator an opportunity to allow access to the resource only for some users. Assume that you make your printer available for network users. If you do not want anyone typing in your printer, you should set a password for that resource. When an ad hoc network, any user who knows your password can gain access to your printer. The network client / server, you can limit a printer for some users, regardless of whether they know the password or not. To access a resource on the local network based on client / server architecture, the user must enter the name User (Login – login) and password (Password).

It should be noted that username is public information, and password – confidential. The process of checking the user name is called identification. The verification process matching the entered password username – authentication. Together account for identification and authentication, the authorization process.