Forster Carnival

Horst Classen speaks Aachen graffiti Prince Lazy65 and the Forster K.V.550. Fidele friends on the recommendation of an acquaintance (Clahsen, spelled) from the Forster Carnival-Club Fidele friends lazy on his exhibition at the Aachen study gallery of VHS on in December 2012. Quickly the two conventions. Campbell is directly sympathetic Lazys uncomplicated way. Campbell characterized lazy as to reliable and determined. Wise lazy involves his former pupil of Frank Startz, alias with artist name, for this project. Designer Frank had taken part in 1992 at a price of graffiti by lazy in Alsdorf.

He honed his artistic expertise, graffiti expert. The 1964 founded Club needs a new car with 45 members, this should be for the next ten years. The car was available. The ailing planking was torn down and redesigned from the ground up. Campbell, since a half year Member, has made the car made of chipboard on the former tractor trailers and twice grounded the individual components. Facilitates the careful primer two actors work. They discuss Classen, lazy and Frank the sketch.

The name of the Club will be taken fidel to the expression. It also applies to integrate the Club mascot.Club member Christa has designed this bear. It produces individual bears by other members. Campbell has shown them, for example, as a horticulturalist bear. There are also the President as fabric bear figure. Lazy considers himself to get the car to get an idea of the extent of the free surface. The sketch is transferred ink. A computer simulation is used as a template. For its PC elaborations lazy uses professionally the image editing program Photoshop from Adobe Systems, an American software company. The basic breakdown on the car is created. Perched on the front of the mascot Fidelchen in the form of a Tanzmariechens in the clouds behind start of a sun disc. A sea of blue roses in the colors overflowing from the corner edges of the front pages.