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Worth in 2013 this form of pensions at all yet? General information to the Riester pension generally known is that the Riester pension funded by allowances, such as basic and child allowance from the State. Altavista shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Introduced was the Riester pension around with children private retirement savings to provide a high incentive for low-income households and families. Rurup pension vs. Riester pension which is Rurup pension (see Wikipedia) also has a State-sponsored retirement plans, which was introduced primarily for the self-employed, but also advisable workers with a high tax burden,. Compare the Riester pension with the Rurup pension is that a Riester contract more conditions linked significantly. Who ever a Riester pension comparison has done will be noted that unlike in the Rurup pension a minimum own contribution is due. This minimum equity amount (see Federal Government) is 60 Euro per year.

In other words: who is under 60 euros per year after calculating its contribution, should the full public funding to maintain, replenish his contribution. 4 Percent of last year’s gross income less the allowance for old-age provision must be applied as a benchmark to get 4% percent of the previous year gross, full government support. Riester promotion: paperwork who compares a Riester pension with other old-age provision products, will find that a lot of paperwork is to deal with. Because each year the promotion must be requested. Who want to avoid the bureaucratic overhead, you can use the so-called duration allowance request since 2005. So is possible to empower its provider for him until further notice a year to apply for the allowance. Riester pension comparison with experts there seems like the criticism of Riester pensions (Riester comparison see here) entitled, if one compares the individual disadvantages with other forms of pension.