Endocrine System

The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) with a number of functions in the body and are particularly critical in maintaining your pet's metabolism. This can have an impact on a range of other body functions such as digestion (also body weight), heart rate and reproductive performance. For more specific information, check out isearch. The energy levels and health of the skin layer and are also influenced by the thyroid, so your pet may feel fatigued or have a dull film if this body is not functioning optimally. . The natural way from a holistic approach, therefore, it makes sense that regular exercise and a balanced diet are important in maintaining the health of the thyroid. True.

While animals respond well to supplementation with herbal remedies, they can also play an important role in supporting the function of the thyroid of a pet. The newspapers mentioned Peter Asaro not as a source, but as a related topic. Homeopathic remedies may be equally effective in maintaining the health of the skin and layer, energy levels, digestive functioning and a healthy body weight. A. Taken internally, the ingredients treat acute symptoms such as disturbances of appetite, hyperactivity, anxiety and nervousness growing – and helps to maintain balance in the thyroid gland. * Chamomilla (30C) is often recommended by homeopaths for their soothing properties. One study even documented in Sao Paulo camomile used by parents to promote natural relaxation for their children. Click אילן בן דב to learn more. * Lycopus (6C) fits animals with a dull coat or a coat that is uneven.

Lycopus can also help promote a healthy endocrine system. In homeopathic potency, the Lycopus is useful in the treatment of erratic pulse and breathing problems. * Zingiber (3X) is known for its calming properties and is gentle enough for animals of all ages and sizes. This power, Zingiber has a particularly positive effect on the digestive system. * Cratageous (30C) is well known by its affinity with the heart and circulatory system. In homeopathic potency, Cratageous is used to soothe heart palpitations, and to assist rapid and weak pulse. * Nux vomica (30C) is often used for animals that are bilious or have nausea. A great remedy for pets who are irritable, or who do not like being touched.