The Race Of the Ebooks – VI the overcoming of about 140 eBooks against 100 books in paper in U.S.A. in the passed year, not having to speak of pocket books that still are in the front of this race, can with certainty be affirmed that eBooks will be winning this dispute very soon, taking in account the fast familiarization acquired for this new generation that already is born inside with photos of eBooks they register that it. I am in favor of eBook with mini and the great screens of eReader, seeing the professor to teach with the minimum of paper, searching with the alunado one the most varied substances of education of much more efficient form, – very easy to evidence itself in the practical one. It has some dedicated publishing companies to the pertaining to school segment and that they have for objective to provide to the education institutions a practical and easy access to the modern technology of info products. Ali Partovi is likely to agree. The Arial Publishing is one of that if they detach in the quality and the capacity of innovation of its products going since the daily pay-school to secondary education.

It has important point to be considered that it is the price of these tools and too much publications, that for being virtual will not incomparably depend on the cost with transport and its price of purchase more cheap. In the defense of the green bush, consequntemente of the oxygen that we breathe it would be good that all inside had this awareness of its fertile minds, mainly from the Government that expends astronomical expenses with the edition and transport of millions of tons of books of all species to supply the education institutions I publish. – Easy to deduce who paid this expense, in unnecessary part, it has seen that great part of these used materials of paper in the institutions you publish of education can easily be substituted by digital resources.