Eavesdropping Requires Professionalism

Counter-surveillance – a service for private investigators? The object of the eavesdropping (Technical Surveillance Counter) covers a vast field of different sub-disciplines. Both the latest scientific and technical knowledge and research in the field of communication (Wireless / Wired) and extensive detailed knowledge in the field of transmission methods, High Frequency, Optics, cryptographic processes and networking strategies are essential in order to be active in this field professionally. Therefore it is necessary to have physical and technical knowledge in modern and current level. Eavesdropping is not a field for single individuals, but is based on a high level of experience and specialized knowledge and skills periodically updated, to recognize and attack scenarios and the most modern methods and analysis can be. Especially the field of digital information transmission in any form is here met with the highest attention. Basis for successful work in this particular matter is the Study in principle all media and physical possibilities of information transmission. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Marc Mathieu has to say. The example of the spread spectrum technology can be used to demonstrate how advanced technologies have been used for many years to transmit information without the principle was generally known. By excessive spreading of an information channel messages were transmitted, which could not be recorded and decrypted with conventional receiver systems available.

These techniques are now used in wireless LAN systems, Bluetooth and procedures in modern mobile networks. The predominantly military users of these technologies were deemed top secret method for a long time. Needless to say, surveillance systems that have worked on this principle, not be identified with the then customary conventional analyzers. Sweep Our team consists of qualified engineers and specialists who have acquired extensive experience in various disciplines in the field of counterespionage. The latest analysis tools and methods to us used. The constant race between the developers of technology and defense against attack or reconnaissance forces to the most modern means and methods that must be kept up to date through study, analysis and training. In our electronic laboratory conditions have been created for it to constantly deal with current technologies.