Correa Coaching Fried

As you know, many are asking for that it is serious with a specific tax to sugary soft drinks, and that’s fine, given high rates of obesity that are on the rise, and according to my article published yesterday. What surprises me if it is that nobody is talking about putting a tariff to fried food. Learn more at this site: Mashable. Yes, they are delicious as anything of that kind, but they are also very terrible for their physical and emotional health.In a recent conversation I had with one of our associate doctors, author of some books on health, as well as books on relationships and weight loss. We speak around delicious food, which indeed cannot be, in good conscience, enjoy very often. Among other things, he gave me some tips on how to prepare food so that they can reach that fried seductive crisis and while you retain to some extent that is good for you also. But, why not to the fried food? Experts warn against eating foods fried for two main reasons;First; because frying adds calories to foods (fat has nine calories per gram compared with only four grams of proteins or carbohydrates) the second reason is more troubling; It is impossible to fry food without at least something of oxidation in the oil, which is what creates free radicals repugnant that contribute to heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, and other problems of salud.Como for thinking twice about what truth? Carlos Correa Coaching.