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Continue erasing images Oficial del Peru again bring the issue to the Cafe: is that official is still deleting images that Peruvian legislation, believes in ((PD)), as is the case with the heraldry of the Armed Forces of Peru, which is discussed and was found in ((PD-Pe)). What do we do . – Ari Herrera Cuntti (Talk) 07:09 June 22, 2006 (EST) The deletion log 09:22 of Commons June 16, 2006 Essjay deleted “Image: Peru-EP.jpg” ((no license)) March 2006) He had no license specified, therefore it is normal to wear out. You can re-upload indicating the correct license ((PD-Pe)) and the source used, a greeting Yrithinnd (/ dev / null) 10:26 22 jun 2006 (CEST) I take to remember that there are many images on Peru without source indicated and improperly licensed (GFDL). I hope to be fixing …- Dodo 10:50 22 jun 2006 (EST) Well, yes, there are several licenses that I would go wrong now that we are arranging in Peru, the legal landscape with less fog. – Ari Herrera Cuntti (talk) 15:14, 22 jun 2006 (CEST) HIGH! That Peruvian law does not say anything about nadita of images. Article 9, paragraph b, of Legislative Decree 822 clearly states that ‘There are protected by copyright … b) official texts of legislative, administrative or judicial, or official translations thereof, without prejudice to the obligation to respect the texts and cite the source. (emphasis added). You see, it is not images, which are expressly protected as provided in subparagraphs f, h and Article 5.In my view, no such “PD-Pe” with distinctive features, all images that invoke this alleged copyright exemption should be removed (except, perhaps, military rank badges, on which the doctrine generally holds that are not susceptible of copyright. Cinabrium 18:53 22 jun 2006 (EST) It seems to me a subjective interpretation of that law, but in any case those concerned should contact the appropriate agency for clarification, the more likely it is that the images of landscapes and other subject to the respective copyright according to the photographer who does it. Saludos Oscar 23:17 22 jun 2006 (EST) According to the Political Constitution of Peru, “no one is obliged to do what the law no obligation and no one is forbidden to do what the law does not prohibit “I referred specifically to the images of coats of arms, heraldry and the like. We’ve talked to Chalo, our” advisory “to be a lawyer.Personally I know nothing of law, nor dare I intrerpretarlas: but “copy or using” a heraldry to identify a Peruvian armed Institude or the official image of a President of the Republic of Peru to illustrate a biography, do not know what’s wrong could have to take to court. Obviously there are copyright, when the photograph is the work “staff” of its author, but not when the photo is taken “with a salary from the public budget, in this case would be ((PD-Pe)), because receive a salary means having employment relationship with the government of Peru and the ownership of the pictures would be the government and not the photographer. If this is true, then if the government publishes it’s because it removes all protection and put it into ((PD)). As the Legislative Decree No. 822, is valid only in Peru, is that designed the template ((PD-Pe)). Finally, an image or text that is in ((PD)) it should not exempt one to indicate its origin. A hug.- Ari Herrera Cuntti (Talk) 04:28 23 jun 2006 (CEST) Ari, “” copy or using “a heraldry to identify a Peruvian armed Institude or the official image of a President of the Republic of Peru to illustrate a biography is exactly the definition of fair use. And we decided that is not supported under any circumstances. – Dodo 11:46, 23 jun 2006 (CEST) has already been said here Template: PD-Pe that staff should not be used lightly, the images must have a source to verify if, indeed, have been removed from a page ora government publication. This image Image: F belaunde.png does not meet the criteria: the estimated origin has been erased, the user has enough Messhermit copyright infringement complaints and bad images licensed or without sources. There is no way to verify where that picture was taken, therefore can not apply the template, so I have reversed.Of all the shields that are in Commons: Category: PD-Peru has no origin, can come from any page, or to apply PD-Pe is distorting the license, so I’m going to mark all as without origin. The images of former presidents, as this Image: 43Leguia.jpg not be traced, they could apply PD-old if they are old enough, however, to PD-Pe we need to make the page or government publication which has brought .