Chronic Nature

It is as a horror film that we attend the nature to show its fury on us. Learn more on the subject from isearch. After much silence it (nature) decided to cry out, showing that its omission was premessenger of a great revenge. Revenge this provoked by we ourselves, when we construct where the nature needed space to become enlarged itself, when we dry its rivers and we mutilate thus its natural ways, when burns its forests, thus amputating its renewal. The nature, many times wounded by the hands of the men, suffered silenced pains from the extinguishing and without having many times as to ask for clemency, it decided to wake up. Despertou thus its revolt against us. is full of insight into the issues. With the strong arms of the rivers it is taking for the force everything that passively was deducted to it. She played its winds and storms on our houses, she invaded the cities with collapses, she flooded our life with the mud that we ourselves we manufacture. The nature is asking for what we take by assault, but left of side the education and with rude force it is recouping what it is its for right.

The lack of planning of a set of things is consequences of these disasters that we attend in real time. Politics that aim at only the amontoamento of voters and these who inconsequential construct its lives where the foundations are always balancing each time that the skies if close, everything this showed to the errors and more errors in this chain of disillusions. The nature wants only its territory in return and if not to give what it asks for we always go to attend the new catastrophes. The progress has that to come, but common-sense never is excessively. MRIO SLVIO PATERNOSTRO