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By slight pressure or a rise in temperature (for example, by attempting to replace the seal brand with a hair dryer), these image elements are visible, so that an attempt of manipulation on the unit is immediately recognizable. Also high-quality packaged high-quality products (watches, jewelry, perfume, electronics, etc.) are secured with the new initial opening protection 3s sustainably. Combined protection against manipulations and counterfeiting which is protection against unauthorized opening but just one aspect of the OTF security label: Based on the forgery protection system SECUDATA 3 s color code microparticles in the security label for the identification of originals incorporated. These particles consist of melamine alkyd polymers and are manufactured in various sizes from eight micrometers (m). The backup with color code is invisible to the naked eye; to identify a standard Rod microscope is sufficient. The code consists of four to ten different layers, the are extremely heat – and chemical-resistant and as normal, ultraviolet or infrared colours are represented. The Microtechnology color code 3s is forgery-proof for over 15 years and is recognized as evidence in court. Every user of the OTF security label receives its unique micro color code, which serves as a unique proof of originality.

In addition UV or infrared marks can be implemented more security features such as 2D codes, variable data, serial numbers, security usability. The combination with technologies for tracing (for example, Datamatrix or RFID) is also possible. This aspect is becoming increasingly important, since traceability codes other than often claimed – offer no protection against counterfeiting. For a tamper-proof tracking, traceability – and micro colour codes are applied directly on the product or on its packaging. The micro-color code inventory control or Traceabilitycode and the product right safe from fakes are protected. So this makes OTF-security label for universal security of the entire goods and material flow. Active protection image of a company that offers new OTF security label strengthens not only protection from counterfeiting or tampering, but reinforces the image of a company as a guarantee of certified quality and high transparency. In the face of the worldwide activities of counterfeiting gangs reward traders like to trade consumers it is increasingly, if manufacturers are involved in the fight against the Pro-duktpiraterie and this also publicly communicate. Michael Dell takes a slightly different approach.

“For counterfeit protection is consumer protection”, so Rolf Simons, Managing Director of 3s Simons security systems GmbH. in view of the dangers posed by counterfeit products, the consumer can identify every product, the health and life depends on clearly as original. ” 3S Simons security systems GmbH the 3S Simons security systems GmbH is internationally renowned manufacturer of marking systems for the legally-compliant IP protection. On the basis of the world’s smallest Micro color codes SECUTAG has the company various industry developed solutions for comprehensive fraud protection. With those including products, spare and accessories, tools, medicines, cosmetics, textiles, sports and lifestyle articles, artworks, primary and secondary packaging, label, Cap brands, pallets, documents, certificates and goods economic data can be backed up. In addition, 3s security solutions with systems for traceability (E.g. Datamatrix, RFID) can be combined, so that the whole production and supply chain is fully protected against plagiarism.