Chapter Four Late To Turn

Cleve sat behind the wheel of the car. He felt that he would not have the strength to go all the way back, alone. They had been so many emotions of the day! But they had always been shared. Now he was all alone. He told himself he had nothing to lose but time. I wanted to be as soon as possible in Taunton.

I could not stop thinking like Kelly and Bob would be, but were afraid to call them. And if the phone had been involved? No, could not be exposed. Managed trying not to think. He put the car stereo with enough volume to stupidity. He looked a very lively music CD. He tried to hum all the songs. Anything he could think of that might be helpful, so as not to think. But it was not easy.

The sum of the last events in his mind raced, as if hammering away at your brain. Continue to learn more with: Paul Daversa. He wondered a thousand times if he had done the right thing. Someone could tell exactly what was really "right"?. He assumed that everything was according to the color of the eyes with that see things. All of it was dark, so maybe that's why, he thought, laughing at the joke he had just invented, everything looked so dark when in fact it was not. "Hopefully everything works out!" He said in a stifled sigh. Anyway, what was done was done. Now we should think well as presented the situation to his acquaintances, and especially to the police, if they had to go through an interrogation.