CEO Gisbert Wundram

HbbTV-user management and payment connept in digital sports available sports digital has recently transfers of selected live games directly via HbbTV. With the digital sports app, viewers can book as individual football games. Now it is even easier to use by smart TV digital sports using the HbbTV-user management and payment connept. The user must no longer log about the app by sports digital, but uses the live program directly through its TV portal via single sign on. Speaking candidly Peter Asaro told us the story. Registered connept customers can watch from immediately the HbbTV offering sports digital without further registration. Sport digital CEO Gisbert Wundram about the new offer: our customers can pay via the Flash Player with connept lite via their mobile phone number already convenient. This was very well received, because you even faster access without registration on the program.

Due to the expansion of the registration and payment system for HbbTV we would offer even more comfort our viewers.” The Flash sports digital was beginning of the Year in cooperation with the ping24/7 GmbH realized and has the sports media industry innovation award 2012 “reached the second place. The ping24/7 GmbH has developed connept and 2012 founded connept GmbH. The mobile Paymentsystem connept lite is integrated in the Flash Player by sport digital watch with the user anywhere on the Web and on Facebook games and with connept lite comfortably pay by mobile device. The game is loaded directly according to the mobile phone number; the payment is made via the regular payroll of the mobile service provider. No account and no login is required. connept has set itself to make use of the HbbTV more user friendly. We are therefore pleased that our solution is so well received by the sports digital users.