Son of Antonio de Robles Hurtado Uribe Mardueno and Petronilla. He was baptized on the day of his birth. She was confirmed on 10 March 1896. He made his first communion on 12 September 1895 in the village of La Yerbabuena (mpio. Pet). Start your studies at the parish school and continued his elementary education in the formal school.
In 1901 he joined the seminary in Guadalajara. In 1904 he was about to leave the seminary after suffering several diseases and puerile pretext penalties, but their parents, with love and energy, made him rethink in the sublimity of their vocation, and by conducting a retreat was secured in his vocation. One of the evils that afflicted were severe headaches, eye strain by that disappeared when adapting the lenses that I use for the rest of his life.
He was smart and studious, so it always stood out with top marks. He was tonsured in January 1905. As a student of theology, in 1908 following one of his professors, Ignacio Plascencia, appointed bishop of Tehuantepec, in missions for four and a half months in the state of Oaxaca. In 1911 he received the sub-diaconate and the diaconate, a year later he was entrusted the charge of the seminary rector and treasurer.
Shortly before turning 25 years old, was ordained priest on 22 March 1913 at the Temple de la Soledad de Guadalajara, by the Hon. Archbishop Francisco Orozco y Jimenez. His first ministry began in Guadalajara stable. He was chaplain of the “Servants of the Blessed Sacrament, and director of” Instituto del Sagrado Corazon “(primary school) which disappeared with the advancing forces of Obregon. In May of 1914 was sent to his home on forced vacations day care chair pet and advanced.
Guadalajara could not return because there was retaliation against the clergy, remained in pet until 1916. Alli went on to write some brochures ascetic folding chair inspiration. The style of Father Jose Maria Robles in his letters is plain, simple and affectionate nature. His poetry is entirely religious: include compositions in verse 60 (dramatic about, lyrics etc.) and 56 discharges into Latin hymns. Find the right are used every day by millions of students The press was his favorite weapon. The opportunity and wielded with skill. Since school equipment I was a seminarian brings his satirical verse and prose apologetics in Catholic publications lampoons against blasphemous and anticlerical.
As a chaplain in the religious mascot of the Word Incarnate, “and during the celebration of Mass on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 11 June 1915, was inspired to found a religious congregation whose charisma was inspired by thought: “I do not executioners, but victims of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus”.
In 1916 he was appointed as a minister in the parish of Nochistlan, Zacatecas, whose pastor was Mr. school furniture Cura Roman Adame (now Holy Martyr). student chairs He was appointed assistant professor at the seminary and his ministry gave countless tests of obedience, piety, diligence and devotion. For a few days he was transferred as minister Mexticac n, Jalisco, but Nochistlan back again.
On December 27, 1918 founded the Victims of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, after overcoming serious obstacles, and always with exemplary submission to ecclesiastical authority. Seven were the founding sisters.
In December 1920 he was appointed parish priest of Tecolotl n, Jalisco. Month and half later he chairs was appointed vicar too foreign, or representative of the bishop in a territorial region of the archdiocese of Guadalajara, which was Tecolotlan, Tenamaxtle, Union de Tula, Ayutla and Juchitlan, all these people lying midway of Guadalajarato the south coast of Jalisco state. His duties were to exercise some supervision over the clergy of his vicar, and supplement them where necessary.
From his first sermon he won the trust and admiration of his parishioners and his fervent preaching began to kindle in the hearts of all the love sagradisimo folding chairs heart of Jesus. One of his first concerns was to visit the hospital and find day care chairs it in ruins conceived the idea of rebuilding the farm.
I am a faithful groups to integrate them into parish work, without distinction of class, gender or age. Special attention was for the workers, who urged the brotherhood and observance dining chairs of a distinctly Christian life. Won the sympathy of his parishioners by providing treatment always kind, sincere friendship and encouragement to fulfill their duties.
On the occasion of religious persecution had been in hiding since January 1927, since the federal government had declared a persecution more severe since I put the cross in La Loma “, considering this as a crime. From the house he was hiding watched, prayed and worked for his parishioners, who never wanted to leave.