BayArchiver Time Hardware

Save BayOrganizer and BayArchiver: Time when the eBay auction processing the new BayOrganizer 8.0 is here! The program for the processing of eBay’s sales in the next round. It helps all sellers and buyers on the eBay platform specifically to organize themselves better. You save much time and nerves – and make money in their daily work. It is important that the acquisition of the BayOrganizers pays for itself quickly: while other solutions often calculate their cost by the number of completed auctions, the BayOrganizer must be purchased only once at a fixed price. The main new features of in version 8.0 are the newly recorded assessment management and enhanced with the eBay server.

BayOrganizer 8.0: what can the Auktionsabwicklungs software? It is no problem to handle one or the other eBay selling with the pure Board means of the PCs. Who as seller but regularly operates on eBay, but quickly loses the overview: what article is already paid where an assessment is missing is the post with the goods already sent? As a seller reliably and professionally to behave, the acquisition of specialized software worth therefore. If you have read about Sony already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The BayOrganizer offers there. The program captures the status of own auctions directly using the eBay API and at all times informed what is happening around them. After the end of an auction or a buy-it-takes the BayOrganizer also to communicate with the buyer and generates invoices, delivery notes, labels and other documents – either electronically via E-mail, as a PDF file or on paper. The internal text processing has prepared document templates with placeholders for this purpose, which can be replaced by the current auction data.

A graphic analysis also shows the current status of all auctions. A look at the checklist shows in detail whether a payment is already received or whether an assessment has been made. And thanks to the sorting, filtering, and search, there is no problem, even with a large inventory of managed auctions and items the required entry to find quickly. Product Manager Mathias Gerlach: \”Now also more and more buyers use the BayOrganizer themselves to manage the status of your purchases and to optimize the communication with the seller.\” BayOrganizer 8.0: now with assessment management the new version 8.0 now even more data about the eBay-API reads, to present them in the program.