Is that an aurtoresponder? Put in simple words is a program or application whose main task is to automate responses to requests for information which are made by e-mail and allow you to keep informed to everyone who requests it. Is also responsible for providing reports of offers, promotions, discounts, reminders of a business or to keep students informed members of a team, a corporation etc. The use that can be given automatically to hundreds of clients are limitless.AUTO-RESPONDEDOR (Autoresponder or Mailbot) is a Software used to automate certain actions that occur in a communication between a client or prospect and the company, via electronic mail, a sort of voicemail or virtual secretariat which is responsible for all the task of communication with our clients that we previously programmed. An Autoresponder is a form that you put on your page webo on your blog in which people who visit your page request information voluntarily come to fill their data that are usually the name of the visitor and your email, before the visitor fill out that form one can offer you free of charge a book digital in exchange for that information in a way to barter, the idea of the auto reply is that when visitors fill out the form and click sendautomatically the will be sent to a page where is the book or digital product that you’re going to give away in exchange for the information they leave you. Currently, there are many companies that you bubbies auto service answer or auto responder for a monthly fee but also there are companies that provide it to you for free with very good capacity to have informed your clients or prospects.