Ana Elizabeth Seton

Ana Elizabeth Seton was the red string daughter of Dr. Richard Bayley and Catherine Charlton. Born into a cabbala church family episcospaliana of entrenched and strong religiosity. His father was a surgeon and the first health officer of the Port of New York, later became a professor of anatomy at King’s College (Columbia University).
Being very young, her mother Catherine died. His childhood was spent in New York and New Rochelle (New 72 names of god York). As a girl, and parishioners of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity, demonstrated strong spiritual leanings, and before and after his conversion to Catholicism, he liked to spend his time before the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church qabalah in nearby San Pedro. A judaism case was nineteen years (January 25 1794) with William Magee Seton, a wealthy businessman and owner of boats. Marriage were born five children: Anna gematria Maria, Guillermo, Ricardo, Catherine and Rebecca.
Following the bankruptcy of her husband’s business after the sinking of several of its ships, the family is in ruins. Soon, her husband suffered from tuberculosis. In search of a better climate jewish for his illness, marriage and the eldest daughter sailed towards Italy. But already in port, during the quarantine law, William Seton died (December 27, 1803). Widow of the twenty-nine years and five children, Elizabeth Anne tree of life was greeted by Felicchi of Livorno, cabala a wealthy Catholic family who had business relationships and great friendship with Seton. In coexistence with their hosts, Ana Isabel began to approach the Catholic faith.
After his return to New York, Ana Isabel convitio to Catholicism, being baptized (March 14, 1805) occult by the first bishop of Baltimore, John Carroll, about spiritual the same time that the U.S. achieved its independence. Later, one of his nephews, James Roosevelt Bayley, Archbishop of the Archdiocese would be Baltimore. After his conversion to Catholicism lost favor with friends and family. Despite the hostility of family and the hardships they were in ruin after it had been her husband’s business, went ahead in the idea of founding a school for tarot poor girls. In June 1808, was invited by John Carroll in Baltimore to open a school for girls, but the attempt failed due to anticatolicismo of the society of the time.
On March 25, 1809 and made his first vows on June 1 of that year, along with several women who joined the idea, founded a religious community. Sutherland at the invitation of Samuel Cooper, the girls’ school under the name of Free School and Academy in San Jose, moved to Emmitsburg (Maryland) on June 24, 1809, beginning one month after classes religion at the Stone House, the valley of San Jose.
On January 17, 1812 were approved the rules and constitutions of the Sisters of Charity of San Jose for the education of poor girls, the first Catholic parochial school in the U.S.. Inspired by the meditation spirituality of the Daughters of kabala Charity, founded by St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac in France (1633), was also the first female Catholic order of the U.S..
Ana Isabel is zohar characterized by a very nice and educated. The greatest difficulties they faced were internal in nature, from personal conflicts or misunderstandings, and the death of two of her children, other loved ones and several younger sisters of the judaica community. kabbala The rest of his life until kaballah his death from sepher tuberculosis at the age of 46 years, took on directing and mysticism developing the new order, the will of God, his devotion torah to the Eucharist, the Holy Scripture and the rabbi Virgin Mary. Psalm 23 jewish mysticism was his favorite throughout his life of prayer.
His remains were buried in the Basilica that bears his name: the National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Anne Seton (Emmitsburg, Maryland).

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