Flashvideo Presentation

Everyone knows that now every video on the web is first converted, and only then it can show thousands or millions of people … But this process is not as fast as necessary to author the video … Why is it anyone? So, once and for all put the record straight I and dispel all the known myths associated with streaming Flash-based video … Some believe that now assemble a video presentation for example, without rules, without delving into the matter, will load it on any video service, and put them in the player code to your blog or website, and after a while they would rush to book a service or product. And most importantly allow for this error is not just new users but also 99% of the professionals! The fact that it is not taken into account is the main factor that 90% of Internet users real speed Internet is much lower than that required for rapid playback in Flash-based video network. And after such a load it just begins to slow, jerky and stop all the time. Does not that sound familiar? Of course from a 'view' 9 out of 10 people, just walk away and not acquainted with your product. And now is the the main thing …

Recently there was the mass of video resources, offering to fill in your video file, arguing that: 1. "We have exceptional quality at fast speed will be when watching … ' 2. "We have hundreds of thousands of users and that currently has invented a new format that better quality of all the others … ' But you somehow forgot to tell the most important thing that the volume of video files compatible with the fast video playback on the Internet. However, For some reason no one warns you that there are other factors that directly affect the loading speed of your video on the Internet. A related site: Pete Cashmore mentions similar findings.

PHP OsCommerce

It’s the creation of stores online, open source software and free, with more tradition that we have tried so far. Magento, Prestashop and many others have emerged in the world of online with reference to OsCommerce stores. It was released in 2000, developed in PHP and version 3.0.2 is now stagnant in its beta form. The largest community of developers in Spanish disappeared in 2011. For more than one decade, OsCommerce worked and gave coverage to hundreds of online stores.

It was not until 2010 that a more stable version, appeared too long if we take into account that they had registered more than fourteen thousand online stores. At present however, barely exceeds the twelve thousand and the trend continues downward. In the meantime, arise other applications like Magento and Prestashop willing to correct all those deficiencies of the father of software creation and design of online stores. OsCommerce has been developed and updated, as all programs open source, by a large community that follows the philosophy of the brand, get a solution each time better, more stable and with more features. However, OsCommerce has been left behind, he has failed to modernize, adapt to new demands and other young and dynamic programs have taken the lead.

It is a powerful program but your system tables and design has become obsolete. It has large amount of modules already developed, with a multitude of payment gateways and with possibility of several languages, but great knowledge of programming in PHP are required to perform any change web hosting. Neither account with large investments as other applications, Magento, Prestashop, in the latest stable version have been corrected quite a few security problems but it has not been enough. OsCommerce installation is simple and clean but needs of a multitude of modules to operate as a true shop online Desenvolvimento websites. In beats other aspects the battle to Magento, for example in regard to the structure of your database and use of the cache. Also in his favor will tell that to operate it consumes far fewer resources that other CMS, however, doesn’t work with Css, as if Prestashop, makes it a nightmare which makes the design of the online shop. We will have to wait and see if the community of OsCommerce resumes work on the latest beta, if he is decided to change its system of tables, to put an end to solve security issues and if it adds to the brilliant career which have undertaken other CMS.

Salon Neolux Site

CP: Elena, a portfolio of your company a lot of famous brands. Obviously, your customers – your long-standing business partners. How long has the company "Simpson?" Elena Timoshina "Symposium" has been working since 2004. We love our clients, and by signing an agreement once, save the cordial relations for many years. I am pleased to help our partners and are always up to meet new clients by carefully analyzing the market, choosing a unique corporate in terms of individual design sites, each individual case in its own interest. By using various technologies, we are making to the site in full force worked for his owner. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Marc Mathieu. There are some examples.

Thus, when developing the site used flash-technology. The subtle, austere and informative site features a business recruitment agency "Regional center staff (www.okjob.ru). Site furniture Salon Neolux – – an example of image of the Internet project. CP: In conclusion – you as an expert columns – a few guidelines for selecting a contractor customers. Elena Timoshina: First of all, you need to trust the taste of the company, which is developing the site, and be confident in her professionalism, which is determined by experience, the quality of completed projects, applied technologies. Considerable importance has legal support.

Frequent cases where the result of incompetent actions and brendmeykerov saytostroiteley is that the work performed violates the rights of third parties. The courts, fines, compensation … Who needs it? We provide legal clarity completed projects and we care about the reputation of our clients. The task of your site – to be repaid, rather than a headache, our goal is to make it work for you. The site – a person of your company, and in most cases it will determine the first impression of your business.