Internet More

For all the writers and nonwriters who see in Internet the weapon of more fascinating communication, already are time to begin to remove from inside all that hidden creativity and to spread it through the network. So that to wait for more if your genuine desire is lanzarte like author in the network? With the modern communications, it returned the popularity from the power of the information, one of the oldest and effective techniques to catch prospectuses and readers! that we become followers of by life than as authors we must to communicate. This is the reason for which to write articles to promote ours ebooks and other products has become a so popular tool thanks to Internet! Several interesting tools exist to write better articles and to distribute them but widely, but even so in many cases we continued seeing only a part of history. In this analysis we are going to throw a look to the 3 more common errors that they are committed at the time of writing up our notes and articles to promote to us and to position to us like authors. 1.

To confuse the promotion of articles with the reason to write them. In which to publicity by means of articles it refers, 3 key benefits exist that you must consider well clear and at any moment if she really wishes an optimized article and effective: A. Creation of mark B. Generation of prospectuses C. Promotion But you wish that its article is successful, only must exist a MAIN TARGET and this she is TO INFORM TO HIS HEARING. If the article does not focus in this fundamental intention, will fail in providing anyone with the three benefits before mentioned. Andy Florance contains valuable tech resources. Why? Simply because nobody will be interested in reading its article. Before writing, you must know where and like obtaining people interested in reading his article who soon press the connections that you place in his box of resources.