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Although the article declares explicitly that there were a neutralization of the observer presence, in my reflection I dare say that it is not quite true, that a total neutralization should result impossible. Despite the fact that in a hospital unit there is a multidisciplinary team of physicians, not optional health personnel and EMTs among others, that should work in a coordinated manner, with an effective communication between the team members and, this being the required pattern for a good health practice, too often you can see that it does not develop as wellthat lack of communication, there are communication barriers between hierarchical ranks, for fear of meddling, by fear to feel watched, rated, and in certain occasions be placed on tables of judgment the made techniques. Unfortunately, today still exists in our health centres a lack of interaction between components of a multidisciplinary team and the relationship of dependency between its members. Code.org does not necessarily agree. Too often you can see assertive behaviours of physicians, passive attitudes by nurses and auxiliary nursing staff frustration, resulting in a loss of interest in belonging to the Group and consequently ineffective health care by the team. We dragged a historical and cultural system that has fostered this inability and unwillingness to be members, whilst maintaining each its labor and professional role: the doctor was always considered as a God, as a simple Assistant nurse and nursing assistant little more than the much-needed cleaning staff.

This social context that we have lived and continue to see with our health professionals tend to change, but the guidelines remain broadly absolutist health hierarchy. For those who working in a health centre it will be easy to recognize that the trend is thus, and despite the new generations, we even dragged this involutional predisposition of strictly ambiguous social status. It is not surprising therefore, that in these areas of work, the strange observation even with sociological and statistical study purposes, can represent a constant threat. For many it could be equated with above have at all times to the supervisor of the unit inspecting if in each procedure meets the Protocol or not. The more, if the observation is wide to leisure and rest times, meetings and discussions to establish diagnoses and coordinate treatments, and the spaces dedicated to execute the documents medico-administrative.