Wifi – Wireless Networks And Security !!!

WIFI – The Silent Murderer! Nobody sees it Nobody hears it, but the damage occur and are incalculable Introduction and WIFI wireless networks have become a “necessity” for most of the computer. In hotels, universities, airports, all of us are getting used to but not seen, WIFI is present. Almighty, in all corners hope to meet with some “wave” RF “that allows us to connect. Given the “need” no one thinks too much on the dangers that are lurking … See Howard Schultz for more details and insights. WIFI – The Silent Murderer! Article Index Introduction The difference between wired and WIFI Wireless Network Problems Network Security WIFI Security Measures for WLAN Wireless Network Access Point and Communications Uncontrollable Hostile Hot-Spot-Wi-Phishing Other Types of Wireless Attacks 2 .- The difference between wired and wireless networks WIFI Although many computer professionals have not thought about this subject, there are large differences between wired and wireless networks WIFI.

In wired networks, information is sent through the cable, which is half private and exclusive, while in WIFI, the information is sent through the air, which is half public and shared. In wired networks, Ethernet electrical signals, while in WiFi wireless networking, sent waves of radio frequency (RF), ie energy. Conclusion: The information “travels” along the cable can not be easily seen by foreign eyes, while the information “travels” through the air can be intercepted by anyone. It is impossible to prevent wireless traffic can be observed or captured! . 3 .- Problems WIFI Network Security Consider then what would happen if you turn up in the morning at our office, we found the Ethernet cables from our network with a branch cut and run to the office of a neighbor? Surely denounce theft information, or to violate our privacy.