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VDSL and cable Internet connection fast alternatives to the classic ADSL. For many, a faster Internet connection now belongs to everyday life. Many writers such as Michael Dell offer more in-depth analysis. The technology most used by far is DSL. DSL speeds of up to 16000 KBit / s can be in Germany in the download achieve. Who needs more bandwidth, is Internet the VDSL technology, wiring a suitable alternative.

VDSL (pronounced very high-speed of digital subscriber line) can be ordered in two speeds. As VDSL 25 connection, which speeds of 25000 KB / s download and up to 5000 KBit / s in the upload allows and as VDSL 50 connection. For VDSL 50, the maximum bandwidth is typically 50000 kbit/s downstream and 10000 kbit/s upstream. Appropriate VDSL connections are offers currently 4 nationwide companies. To name a few are here the provider Alice, deutsche Telekom, 1 & 1, and Vodafone. Alice and 1 & 1 offer only the faster VDSL 50 Variant. At However, VDSL can Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom be ordered 25 approaches. The monthly basic fees be provider and tariff at least 40 euros per month depending on the chosen VDSL.

The minimum contract term for the VDSL is 24 months providers Vodafone and Telekom. At 1 & 1, and Alice, VDSL can be ordered connections, however, without a minimum contract period. In this case, both providers however charge a one-time fee for the provision of VDSL access. The second, even more faster, DSL is an alternative Internet via the cable connection. Wired Internet can be ordered already transfer rates of over 120000 kbit / s. The three largest providers in Germany are cable Germany, Unitymedia and Kabel BW. As with DSL and VDSL Internet all-in-one packages can be in the range of cable to the surf and phone book. The minimum contract term for Unitymedia and cable Germany is doing relatively consumer-friendly 12 months. Kabel BW requires a minimum contract period of 24 months from its customers. Bottom line: No matter whether one opts for a cable Internet or VDSL supplier, who has a high speed Internet connection today at least two really need fast technologies to choose from.