Gmail Email

In the community of Internet users (or marketing networks) one of the e-mail services most popular is the one offered by Google through Gmail. Gmail service e-mail or email offered by the company Google has a list to control the security of your account, and not this nothing bad to visit if you want to be sure that your account is not very easy to hack.However there are some additional tips that the same Google has released: 1. review the list of web sites that you have authorized to access your data from Gmail. This must be well careful and make sure that the list of authorized websites are accurate and which are also your have granted permission. If you want to edit the list of authorized websites, you can do so on the link below (). 2.

Check your browser plug-ins, as well as extensions and third-party programs. These are tools that sometimes require access to your Gmail account, we must be confident that these applications are reliable, because in this case Google cannot do anything to ensure that the not account hacking. 3. Verify the accuracy of your mail settings, to make sure that it stays and goes to where you want to do this can you click the settings link at the top to view the following: * General: verification of the signature, and the same protection do not use the @ because when respond you to a spam that same email this used to establish as fair spam address your account. * Accounts: Check your email send as, and if you receive messages from other accounts make sure you are what your autorizaste. * Filters: Check that there is no any filter cast to send your mail in the trash, Spam, or forwarded to an unknown account. I forwarding and email POP / IMAP: make sure that your email is not sent to an account or unknown mail client.

4. Check for recent activity of strangers in your account. Click the information detailed fair link at the bottom where it says last account activity for the account, there you can see the time, date, IP address and location associated with recent access to your account. 5. Use a secure connection in your Gmail settings, select HTTPS for always, use this setting protects you so that your information will not be stolen when you are accessing Gmail from a public wireless network. Well I think so you’ll at least be better protected, but remember that 100% safety can not guarantee it. Original author and source of the article