Computer Software Protection

This article focuses on ways to protect your computer from malicious software that is currently widespread in social networks. So here we go: 1. Protection, protection, and again! No anti-virus and protection against malicious software, users of social networks can become victims of constant malware attacks. There are many programs available, such as Avast, AVG, Norton, Kaspersky, Symatec, etc. 2. Carefully link! One of the most common ways a hacker to infect your computer you slip malicious link.

These links are often published by you on the wall in the tweeter Facebooke or Contact. Once you click on it throws you to a site that automatically download a virus on your computer. This malware is installed on your computer and can cause very serious damage. So do not think that link came from your friend's "safe." Well Think before you click on this link: how could your friend send you this? Do not click unless you are sure that it is safe, just ask your friend. 3. Stay informed! Always use the latest version of the browser the latest patches. If you you use Internet Explorer, you must be the eighth version, since IE browser is the best defensive player on the Internet.

Firefox in second place, because it has a built-in auto-update, the same applies to Google Chrome, which also has some built-in security system. 4. Clean your Windows! If you are using Windows, make sure your system is obnavlena. 5. Reader and Flash! Adobe Reader and Flash are the most attacked program. All system software have their flaws and malware them successfully uses. The most common way to redirect you to a site with malware, which asks you to download a new version of Flash Player and Adobe Reader to view the site. Never do. Always shake your program site of the manufacturer, in this case Adobe. So you just be safe. 6. Attack of the Mac! You are using a Mac? Do not think that you are one of security. Yes, Mac less prone to virus attacks, but also not immune to malware. Yes, they have a smart advertising security systems. Yes, Apple has its own system of protection against malicious software, but it is not enough. Hundreds of trojans that are specifically designed to defeat Mac software. The most common Trojan is designed specifically for the Mac Systems DNS Changer Trojan. You should think about protecting him. 7. The virus is in the mail! Mail you receive from social networks does not always come with these sites. Some addresses may be "mystified" by hackers. Never open attachments that you did not expect and do not click on links. If you still clicked on a link and you are asked to log in, DO NOT DO THIS! You give your password to hackers and the damage could become catastrophic. Welcome to website social networks by imprinting the address into your browser, or at least, would save the site in their bookmarks. Keep all of this information, you can protect yourself and your computer from malicious programs that are currently prevalent in interete. And remember that the references at the end of which is the extension "exe" or clearly reduced links with unknown addresses, in 99,9% of the cases will automatically install malicious software on your computer, or lead the sites of illegal contents. Do not let hackers take advantage of you!

Search Engine

In order to begin to include/understand how to implement a plan of affiliates, first it is necessary to understand what is an affiliate. The basic concept of an affiliate is that one that receives a commission by the sale of one of your products. It is in particular, a marketing action online. We put an example concrete so that it is understood. We suppose that you develop software. , Almost you are then all along bottled in developing these programs, reason why you need to activate, or that does somebody it by you, the subject of the sales.

Then you enter a plan of affiliates. From here, certain Web sites will be in charge to promote your products, to deliver the attacks to sell them, and soon cobrarte a commission. Up to here not difference much of simple reventa. The difference is in which the affiliate can have several many products under his gida, not only yours, and to dedicate itself full-time to promote the services and products of others. In many opportunities they are managed to construct quality sites, on the basis of affiliates, that finish being like product stores online specific, or those popular Web sites where one often resorts to unload versions demo of programs and games. By all means, the activity can be taken ahead in any scale, and conceivable shade. For example, a tourism agency can have hotels, or aerial companies like affiliates, or companies of rent of cars. There are certain considerations that must be taken into account.

Certainly, the credibility of the plan of affiliates grows if there is a contextual entailment between the products that are offered. Of another form, if you have too many affiliates, and they do not correspond to each other according to its activity, Google until could penalizarte when considering that in fact you are a farm of connections. The farm of connections is a CATHEDRAL technique considered Optimization- Search Engine black hat, or illegal, and consequently, penalized. Also it must consider that your affiliates speak by you. Then, the reputation of your affiliates also will be your reputation. Also he is advisable that you tell on some digital support that allows you to make a pursuit of the obtained sales, to calculate commissions, to demand payments, etc. Are many examples of software that allow to do this. The ideal is that you offer to your affiliates the necessary tools to him so that they can make specific the sales, that is to say, technical equipment to support the actions of promotion, support pre and post sale, Carried out etc. of rational way and ordinate, a plan of affiliates can become an excellent way to make specific the sales that you are needing, as well as to obtain the promotion and diffusion of your connections in the network of networks.