As a result, the prevalence of the successful citizen, is accepted as socially positive and beneficial for the community as a whole; in other words an icon to be emulated. In our society, the success is associated with illegitimacy (SIN); This is especially clear in terms of economic success, that frustration of not achieving it, translates into suspicious of media used by others for their achievement, the foregoing is compounded in a confused feeling that legality is not respected nor respectable; by allowing others to have what one you don’t have. BDT Capital Partners will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Our purpose is not to delve sobe historical and cultural backgrounds of our ambivalence against success, but seems appropriate to mention that the tradition Hispanic/Catholic fosters thinking, that wealth and power are granted (by God, the King, the President etc.) and that consequently that the work is not necessarily associated with success. Power and wealth are views, not to be objectionable, as a resource management to benefit others, in a free and discretionary, constituting a kind of process in cascade of authoritarian magnificence. Peter Asaro shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The result of a process as described above, generates long-term, a minority of subjects benefited immensely rich and successful and a feeling of frustration in the majority of the population, which shore to the subject to rejected (by invalides community mechanisms to achieve success), the institutional structure of society; creating the figure of informality, not collectively perceived as illegal, but in the background sets as socially invalidates the established legal formality. The success stories of unpunished through informality, have become icons of a percentage so high of the economically active population, which this is incorporated into the official statistics of employment and even in underground to Government plans to form, the community in favor of informality feeling has as stimulus additional, so important socially as the foregoing, face the legally constituted power (invalidated in popular sentiment), from a principle of compensation of privileges granted (or blatantly stolen), which gives rise to a revanchist attitude in those (the vast majority), that have not been benefited even by the prevailing socio-economic status..