Registry Editor

Navigating in the editor. Registry Editor is divided into two windows. In the left window displays the structure of the registry keys (conductor), the right side – the registry keys contained in the viewed topics. If left in the editor window to allocate a specific section (click on it with the mouse), in the right window will display a list of parameters that it contains. 3. To change the setting, it is necessary double-click on it with the left mouse button.

Open window of the parameter. In it, the 'meaning' to make the necessary changes and click 'OK'. 4. Creating a new parameter. First, in the left window editor (Conductor) goes to the section you want to create a setting and select it.

Then in the right window, right click on an empty space (not the parameters that are there) and in the menu 'create' choose the appropriate form produced by the parameter. The list will be a new option. Click on the right mouse button, select 'Rename', give him the right name. Then specified in the preceding paragraph means ask him the desired value. 5. To remove an option, you must click the right mouse button and choose 'delete'. ii. Registry tweaks: Registry Tweaks (born tweaks – settings) – it's software settings and operating system stored in the registry. Registry tweaks are done by REG-files – files that are executed automatically make the necessary changes to the registry. The result is the same as for manual editing Register through the editor. REG-files you want, you can create yourself or use ready-made by other users. In this case, REG-file can change one registry setting, and their entire group (all depends on the what is it to register). In fact, REG-file – it is the plain text file with the reg. To make everything clear, open a text editor 'Notepad' (go 'pusk'-' programmy'-'standartnye'-' notebook ') and in any place save empty file 1111 with the expansion of reg. This means that in the notebook need to go to 'File' menu, select 'save as' in the 'filename' 1111.reg point and click 'save'. The file name can be any name in 1111 is taken for illustrative purposes only. Importantly, that the extension was reg and always through the point of the name (no spaces). Now if you make double-clicking the mouse on the saved file, the computer 'asks' whether you want to add the information from him on the roster. If even click on the 'yes' to any data in the register will not be added because our REG-file does not yet contain any information. In order to file actually worked, before saving it to make the desired data. Please note that these data should be strictly defined structure. Otherwise, REG-file still will not work. Read the rest here –