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Immopro24.EU said in his series expert exclusively with the economic and Trade Council of the Spanish Embassy in Berlin, Mr Alberto Sanz Serrano, about his opinions on the current and future situation of the commercial real estate markets in Spain and Germany. More information is housed here: אילן בן דב. Barcelona/Berlin, 03.03.2008 Spain does not suffer from the subprime crisis”, the banking industry is excellent. The extreme growth of the Spanish residential real estate market calms down. The market of the commercial real estate followed by another business line. Altavista will undoubtedly add to your understanding. British and German investors play a major role in the Spanish real estate market for foreign investment. Spanish investors are involved on the German real estate market due to its great stability and the expected value added in the eastern part of the Republic. Robotics gathered all the information. Spanish companies require the prior on-site support by flexible German advisors, brokers and managers.

Direct link: ..spanischen and German industrial real estate market the unaltered and free publication of the press release with The source is released. Immopro24 that is commercial real estate portal for Germany and Europe – an independent online marketplace specializing in the efficient channelling of the acquisition and marketing of commercial real estate, investment and investment objects, such as: office space, retail space, warehouse space or retail space. This specialization applies on the purchase / sale as well as on the area of hire and rental. In addition to specializing in commercial real estate, Immopro24 offers a very large source of relevant information from the national and international commercial real estate. Within this section, you will find current real estate news, real estate market reports of the major providers such as E.g. ATIS real, Cushman & Wakefield, dr. lubke, SEB asset management, Colliers International, DEKA Bank and others. Important personalities of national and international commercial real estate industry, as well as the policy continue experts on current topics in the context of Immopro24 – exclusive” interviewed and their assessments reflect within interviews.

Immopro24 offers an international network of and for real estate professionals and real estate-Middle industries as a third area of competence. The special feature of Immopro24 is that all services are not only national but actually European made. So is Immopro24 not only in Germany but also in England, Spain and France. An expansion into Eastern European markets is in preparation. You can read the interview on!

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The wide range of funding opportunities use mortgage – Berlin, 04.07.2011 there are real estate loans nowadays in different versions, so that almost every borrower has the ability to find a mortgage loan that is exactly tailored to his needs. re. However, the search is very time consuming, especially since there are a variety of credit types and providers. Wide range of real estate loans who even does not have time to compare these many offers in the area of real estate credit, for which is a portal like with lots of information to mortgage and construction financing. Frequently Neil Rubler has said that publicly. is not a party in the sense of a lender or a broker, but a portal of information around the topic of real estate financing. A wide range is provided by a financial machine, over a credit lexicon up to comprehensive information on the financing of real estate.

The focus is to provide information, which includes for example the representation, which various forms of real estate loan there is. Just use the “optimal” loan type or the combination of various financing alternatives is the basis for a stable real estate financing. Peter Asaro is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Annuity loans – real estate loans for anyone as a standard credit is used in the course of a real estate financing the annuity loan, which from almost any universal Bank and also of real credit institutions (mortgage lenders). Such annuity loans mainly characterized standard conditions imposed by the Bank primarily depending on the kind of interest design (variable interest rate or interest rate) and the duration of the establishment. Also the credit and the collateral have most influence on the interest rate. The problem is for the Kreditsuchenden in it, that alone in Germany more than 300 service providers on the market that are offered these and other variants of the mortgage loan. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Neil Rubler. Real estate credit for earners – the Volltilgerdarlehen on the Also very special real estate loans presented Web page, which can have advantages over the standard loan for the concerned group of borrowers.

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The Internet offers a good alternative not be juicy brokerage must go to the conventional housing juicy brokerage powerful on the financial substance, if you advertise themselves to find an apartment for rent, a home for sale or real estate professional help assure wants. This beautiful bar money can literally to save now, without this efficient and leading target support in terms of apartment, apartment or real estate advertise on having to do without. Because the Internet provides a service-oriented platform with the new online rental marketplace, which quickly, directly and free of charge leads to the desired result. Here are, according to individual request, apartments, houses and flats unerringly and found. No matter whether housing is a place to rent, a property rental or a floor on the personal wish list. And who wants to advertise apartments, can do just as fast, simple and straightforward on

Throughout the Meaning an uncompromising customer-oriented user experience can be here given to the sleek zero tariff optional requests, read requests or real estate advertised. In this way comes together quite relaxed, heard together. And the selection at this pleasing service stressed provider can be really. There are currently nearly 700 apartments for rent available alone in the Munich area. Who want to see the corresponding number for his own city of desire, can now even an overview with the quick find on the home page of Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Peter Asaro by clicking through.

But this provides far more than plenty attractive in terms of flat free services portal and real estate ads apartment purchase. Lots of useful tips, tricks and information provide to visitors under the heading “Current topics”. And if you like, can be also equal to interior decorators, craftsmen and moving companies. Nick Baumann