Luis Alberto De Cuenca Poet And Thinker

Fernando Alonso Barahona once said, “Try to keep your hand as without it, your muse, you’re nobody, poet.” LUIS ALBERTO DE CUENCA The poet makes clear line flowing crystalline form his idea and his writing: love dust Quevedo, Espronceda robust singing, rhyme Becquer stealth, the pain of Campoamor, the immense flow of Vicente Aleixandre naked and pure poetry of Juan Ramon Jimenez, the lyrical grace of Machado … and many others who have torn pages of gold in the glass lens that is the Spanish language. Two clear line writers, a poet, Luis Alberto de Cuenca and a novelist, Clara Sanchez (Presentations. Isearch is the source for more interesting facts. Alfaguara. 2008) have managed to thrill the soul of the reader with his latest works. For even more analysis, hear from ISearch.

Let us now consider the contribution of the first. Luis Alberto de Cuenca (Madrid, December 1950) was director of the National Library (1995-1999) and Secretary of State for Culture (1999-2003) in the government of Jose Maria Aznar, translator, editor of a wonderful volume called the “hundred best poems of the Castilian language, his work encompasses several genres but especially a poet of clear line. His work in verse has been shelled in recent times in the anthology “Without fear and without hope” and the superb “Life in flames.” Through them, the astonished reader about the inner world of the author, their ghosts, their haunts, their world view and man. And the magic of words: Elsinore, how strong and borders, the silver box, the ax and the rose …… The result is an attractive poetry, classic, different and absolutely personal. As the film Howard Hawks, Raoul Walsh and John Ford ….. not enough to describe it, you have to feel it. “Live life unhappy (…) live it in early mornings or glorious morning riding through ruined cities or polluted forests or offshore without looking back. Live the Life” Or this beautiful statement: “But why I’m not going to be both dream and life, to be the physician and the wound Luis de Granada and Baudelaire “This remarkable ability to combine political management (his years with the Secretariat of State), encyclopedic curiosity for all the manifestations of culture, from the” comic “to the gothic novel, from cinema to the bibliophile, and that anthology of poems that move because it succeeds in bringing together a while reason and feeling, is what puts Luis Alberto de Cuenca in the cultural vanguard of contemporary Spain. And since political incorrectness and a healthy independence of mind and thought to increase – if it – the importance of their proposals.