Riders arrive safely. The new app for your WindowsMobile Smartphone. Follow others, such as Robotics expert , and add to your knowledge base. After the successful implementation of the navigation software ride & route for GPS outdoor systems in October 2011 FootMap this now also offers solution for smartphones. Only systems with the WindowsMobile operating system are supported at the moment. The navigation software is shipped micro SD card GB on an 8, which other data like music and photos can accommodate. No installation is required for the use, simply insert a memory card in your phone and launch the program. Ride & route has the Routingprofile riders, pedestrians, cyclists and mountain bikers. Thus, the system can be used also for other outdoor activities.

Record, save, representing and managing GPX tours with their own information in the text format for each tour is also possible. The maps based on data from the OpenStreetMap project”and is updated by FootMap every 14 days. The RIDE-mini cards subscription contains the cards from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and South Tyrol and can be used for only 15 euro per year. The cards contain not only on roads, trails and paths, but also points of interest (POIs), which take into account the needs of the rider. Bridle paths, as well as prohibitions and obstacles such as stairs, bollards, cattle grids, Gates remain, etc. included. So riders can work with the Routingoption”to find the optimal way. For details and examples on the topic of navigation for riders”, see and