Good Health

Our dog and scalp hair is something that we must bear in mind when it comes to maintaining good health, it is important that we maintain in perfect condition. On this occasion we will stop in the form of comb to our Golden dogs to get the most out of this action and get healthy hair and a happy dog. We must first and foremost take into account not only brushing is a gesture aimed to remove tangles and dead hair that is something else. We must take into account that it must be all kinds of dogs with special for every type of Hair Combs, as with brushing that will take into account is to know what state our mascot, scalp is, since we will see first-hand if there are flakes, irritation, lumps or any other abnormality in the skin. You should bear in mind the above accessories. Brushing is almost always associated with bath, although this does not have to be the case. It is true that our dog not bathe it every week to avoid causing damage to your scalp, therefore the brushing is one of the best ways that exist to keep the hair of our dog in perfect condition, smooth and free of dirt. In recent months, Elon University has been very successful. That is why a good brushing should in many cases replace a bath and to avoid them.

To brush our dog must place it on a surface, which may well be the floor, table or above our knees if allows it the size of the animal. It is necessary that when it comes to brushing hair we have chosen precisely the proper comb. We must always take care that we not give strain nor do harm, since you must not associate this moment with a stressful situation or torture. To achieve this what seracomenzar we will make brush from the root of the hair and go slowly releasing the knots and tangles that may remain.