Major Changes

1 November 2008 the amendments to the law on GmbH. Not all of the government's proposed changes were adopted Zakonodatelem.V particular, contained in the draft law proposal to reduce share capital of 25 000,00 eur 10 000 eur was not supported and therefore the size of the share capital, as before, equal to 25 000,00 eur. The legislator offered another option of establishing a company – the so-called Unternehmergesellschaft. This option is interesting for people who are at the moment creation businesses are limited to cash sredstavah and can not make the charter capital in full. When you create Unternehmergesellschaft share capital can in principle be equal to 1 Euro. Thus, the legislator has decided to create a competitive form of English ltd.

A feature of this form of organization of the enterprise is the condition that the company can not make full use of the profits – 15% of the profits remain in the share capital until such time as the amount capital will not reach the required level of 25 000 Euros. After this Unternehmergesellschaft be transformed into a fully GmbH. In addition, facilitated base GmbH one founder. So, when you make half of the share capital, is not required provision of guarantees to make the remainder of the share capital. Founders can now decide the question of the amount of their shares in the share capital on the basis of their financial capabilities and desires.

Minimum amount of participation can be equal to 1 Euro. When you create a simple GmbH can be used samples of constituent documents, which are annexed to the Act. Using the data of samples significantly reduces the cost of flotation, tc sample contains both articles of incorporation, minutes of the appointment manager and a list of founders, whereas previously these data were contained in three separate documents. As before all the documents are solely responsible to be notarised, registration of companies in the Commercial Court by a solicitor. This article serves the purpose of general information and not a substitute for individual consultation.