New World Record

Matthias Knorr is the new Guinness world record in speed mixing with 389 different cocktails. Wiesbaden, February 19, 2009 – Matthias Knorr, owner of the bar school in Munich, shakte located on the HOGA Nuremberg to the new Guinness world record in speed mixing. With breathtaking speed, a refined mix technique and the wide range of BOLS liqueur, he remixed unbeatable 389 different cocktails within an hour. The BOLS team congratulates the fastest bartenders in the world! The perfect partnership: the world champion mixes with BOLS – the international # 1 of the range liquors. There are more than one argument: perfect bottle design (developed with bartenders) offers enormous advantages in use. At the world record, she was a blessing, she is very easily (compared with other Liqueurmarken) that I was important, since constantly 2 bottles in one hand had. “, so Matthias Knorr.

Especially for the flair bartending or speed mixing scores the BOLS bottle with grip and easy handling. Wide high-quality liqueur range with currently 17 Liqueuren in Germany and around the world for 36. Matthias Knorr uses the BOLS range because they (…)”a good mix between classic (such as BOLS dry orange) and modern (E.g. BOLS green tea) offers.” something is it so for every taste and every occasion. Active partnership, resulting not only in the bartenders coaching and commitment to the further development of the bar culture, but also for the active support by bartenders with intrinsically initiated ideas, like e.g. the world record attempt. Matthias Knorr, has like BOLS partner: (…) is a totally enjoyable and easy cooperation. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. “.” BOLS liquors: since about 430 years of course fruity and full taste, with consistently high quality.

Real shakers have BOLS. Lucas Bols Lucas BOLs b.v. operates independently since April 2006. Frequently Energy Capital Partners London has said that publicly. founded in Amsterdam in 1575, the company on a long, is tradition rich built, which forms the basis of its brands. As one of the world’s leading liquor and spirits manufacturer Lucas BOLs b.v. is proud of its innovation and excellence and embodies the living cosmopolitan spirit of the modern Amsterdam – combined with an international flavour. Today, the company sells its products in 110 countries. MaxXium Germany GmbH the MaxXium Germany GmbH, headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany developed and manages the German marketing and sales activities of the MaxXium worldwide group and is a leading supplier of spirits and champagne on the German market. The MaxXium brand portfolio includes international top brands like Jim Beam Bourbon whiskey, Remy Martin cognac, Metaxa brandy, Piper-Heidsieck champagne, Cointreau liqueur, Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey, Highland Park single malt Scotch Whisky, the Macallan single malt Scotch Whisky, the famous grouse Scotch Whisky Canadian Club whiskey, maker’s Mark Bourbon whiskey, Sauza Tequila, Bols liqueurs, ouzo Plomari and Brugal rum and other premium products also strong local brands such as runt semi-bitter, Prince of Bismarck Doppelkorn Jacobi 1880 brandy. The shareholders of the 1999 international joint venture are the company Remy Cointreau S.A., beam global spirits & Wine, Inc. and the Edrington group. MaxXium worldwide now operates in over 60 markets. The German company taking a central position within the Group on the basis of the share of sales and the strategic importance of the market. The Internet address is. Contact for questions: Christina. White. HOPF strategy Maassen str. 9, 10777 Berlin phone: + 49 (030) 85 000 222, fax: + 49 (030) 85 000 234 eMail: press photos we will gladly send you on request.

Schonfelder DogCoaching

So please only slowly increase the training. Request but not overwhelm and above all regularly jogging with dog go. Otherwise the steam go out him and your training is also run. Dogs must be introduced slowly and can not simply be taken overnight to marathon training. The dog can fall back or behind herziehen, is simply too hot. Should be offered in any case opportunities to drink (water carrying, if there is no Creek or similar). You can practice walking almost everywhere and immediately begin next door no Studio, no equipment, no directions, no partner or trainer.

You need more than good running shoes and a heart rate monitor. Movement and development of relaxation of body and mind, clear the head. The rapid walking in the fresh air strengthens the muscles, receives without excessive stress on the joints in the physical performance and the defence forces. Therefore, probably even older dogs appreciate more than stressful romp the braked dynamics of a brisk walk. A boon for Two – and four-legged friends especially older animals appreciate the gentle endurance sport. Fast walking in the fresh air brings heart and circulation, the muscles and lift the spirits of two – and four-legged friends.

And without stress and hustle and bustle. Man and animal come at walking right in swing. With this fast approach the body straightens up, taken back shoulders make for a very special body tension, also the dog perceives. s valuable tech resources. With increased attention he devoted himself to his people and is good on the leash at foot. A brisk pace with controlled pulse keeps the bipeds and fun the four-legged friends. Convalescent the gentle sport is particularly suitable for straight after a disease dogs should protect itself and may not jump around. First of all, if you have problems with the joints. About eight times of body weight rests on a crack on the front legs of the dog. Therefore you should take especially when your dog’s joint problems strictly on the pace. The dog should not fall into trot, but in the Step. On the road, you can embed small obedience exercises for your four-legged friend. That makes it fun and is a welcome change. A good idea is also the search for gloves or any other objects. You can hide it and find it best, if it just once on a leash does not run. After the sport, a very tired dog thank you and continue at night with pleasure with twitching Paws in the dream.