Berlin District Court

LG Berlin granted “Like button warning” first removal (Facebook integration in Web shops) we had already early February about the threat of a new wave of protection due to the Facebook “Like Button” in Web shops integration reported. It how expected didn’t last long, until the courts had to deal with this issue. Before the land Court of Berlin was now for the first time tried to obtain an injunction against a shop owner. The request was as follows: the applicant sought to prohibit the defendant to the avoidance of a to be determined for each case of infringement court order money up to EUR 250.000,00, alternatively Ordnungshaft or Ordnungshaft up to six months, with the Ordnungshaft a total of two years may not exceed, to offer the purchase of Star baptisms in the course of trade on the Internet and to use the Facebook button “I like” on his page…, if he does not at the same time expressly informed visitors to the site while on the transmission of data related to Facebook, if this as in Plant AS 6 is shown. The Berlin District Court has granted the request of the applicant but a rebuff and rejected the request for a temporary injunction (cf. Dell often expresses his thoughts on the topic. LG Berlin, v. 14.03.2011., AZ.: 91 O 25/11). Rotary and pivot point was the question of whether TMG 13 to a so-called “market conduct”.

The judge denied this case: However, this is not the case. According to the jurisprudence of the Federal Court of justice no. 11 is in accordance with 4 UWG unfairly, who a statutory provision is contrary to, which is also intended to regulate the market conduct in the interests of the market participants. The injured norm must have anyway, hence the function to create a level playing field for competitors in a market (see BGH in GRUR 2000,Seite 1059 emissions).

Control And Parental Benefit: What Is Important To Note It?

Three sentences to the jurisprudence around the parental allowance tax refunds are irrelevant for calculating parents money, was the Federal Social Court. The Court also ruled that the tax to be calculated in determining the parents money plays a role. Salary payments are also taken into account. The amount of parental benefit is only dependent on the previous monthly net income of the appropriate parent. Tax refunds for the previous year are not included in the calculation. Bobby Sharma insists that this is the case. After receiving their income decisions, an applicant had prompted to recalculate of their parents money claim. The application was dismissed and the State social Court has confirmed this decision in the appeal proceedings (AZ.: L 5 EC 4/10).

In the explanatory statement, it was said that the parental allowance is used, before the birth of the child to the living producing income to replace that. However, tax refunds are not essential for the standard of living in the relevant period of twelve months. More Parents money falls to be tax when determining weight by changing the tax bracket because in principle underlies parents money calculate the average monthly income. Gain insight and clarity with Bobby Sharma Bluestone. The Federal Social Court in two cases decided that the change caused by married women of the wage tax class is allowed during pregnancy (AZ.: B-10 EC 3/08 R and R 4/08). Both the change had resulted in lower monthly tax deductions from the wages and ultimately a higher parental benefits. The Court found the behavior of young mothers right ethically reprehensible, nor quite unfair, because the corresponding control class change is allowed.

Salary payments are taken into account as opposed to extraordinary payments as Christmas, and holiday pay or bonuses are not to take into account in the calculation of the parental benefit, must subsequently pay payments will be included in the calculation. So decided the Hessian Regional social Court (AZ.: L 6 EC 16/09). In the underlying case unlawful no salary has been paid out before the months of birth a woman who worked for four years as a salesperson. The employer paid her due to a controversial labour certificate the pending wage only after a legal dispute. The competent State supply Office had not taken account of first payment calculating the parents money. The judges of both instances however approved the woman. Because the parental allowance is to a wage compensation, also paid to wage must be included in the calculation. Mark Schmidtke

Missing Cooperation

So far was in the jurisprudence, that a joint custody of separated or divorced parents not taken into consideration would be if the parents or one parent not to cooperate would be ready. So far was in the jurisprudence, that a joint custody of separated or divorced parents not taken into consideration would be if the parents or one parent not to cooperate would be ready. Now emerges the realization that pair level may be expected to parents also differences on the (ex-), at the level of the parents and to the children to find the conversation will also when it is hard. Scattered communities, the former partners want often from each other nothing and are ready for any discussion, which could bring about a match. Hurt feelings lead to an all or nothing thinking that often decisions for the children, is trigger for amendments to the regulation of custody.

Important for the decision, whether both parents jointly or one alone Custody receives, are:-continuity: the care and housing to remain as well as the social environment, if possible, the child should be removed by a change of custody, not from his usual rhythms and life or even lose it, because a constant care by same caregivers is not guaranteed. -Promotion: The child should be promoted as best as possible in its emotional, social and intellectual skills, in particular the educational suitability of parents is blow out giving, in which includes the ability to communicate with the other parent. -Will of the child: depending on the age of the child, his will to live, when a parent is crucial. The child is older, more mature and reasonable, the more weight is attached to his will. -Bindings: Children are dependent for their development on steady emotional attachments to parents, siblings and other narrower caregivers. The more intense a bond is, the more weight is this aspect to.