All the truths that inspired me until now, proved to be a grand hoax. What they wanted to achieve the filmmakers? If their intention was to excite people, then we can say that to a large extent they succeeded. The film refers not to the UN, not to Greenpeace or more some organizations. He appeals to every citizen of the world, showing how each of us is responsible for the future of the planet and their own destiny. The world does not destroy the bankers – they are the only catalysts for the overall process development. It seems to us that they rob us of money and power, manipulate our lives. But in reality, we create more and more difficult living conditions, they force us to confront them, and at the same time to develop, improve knowledge of the world and themselves.

However, 'normal' person is in no hurry to be omniscient and omnipotent. Instead, he uses all the ways to pay off and not engage in the most complex and difficult – the cultivation of a man. It is also interesting conclusion of the film on the need to consciously bring people together, because a fragmented society, it is very easy to manipulate. And if humanity is not united on their own, we combines identification radiochip, giving the manager unlimited power over us. In the film are the beautiful words that only a conscious transition from hatred to love can change our world. But it is unclear how to achieve this love and the basis on which to unite.