One morning he shared breakfast with a friend who came to my house and we sat down and while we degustabamos a coffee, I was listening to the singing of birds who danced flying from tree to tree, others moved from flower to flower, she suddenly heard a toc toc which I was already familiar: a woodpecker working, I peek into the window and nothing appeared running a hasty squirrelcareful surely looking for eating, was equally relaxing to the sound of a he laughed that it was not, however the sound I couldn’t draw in mind. Was like a melody of relaxation that Orchestra called nature suddenly hear, my friend shouted to me:!Hey! I’m talking about! he said to me, do your you also realize the neighbor noise? That annoyance! Suddenly return from my trip by nature to try to detect the sounds she heard, what she was referring was the neighbor that if it is true was playing strong television, but for some reason there was no detected, since my mind was in a music concert. It was amazing how two people sharing the same terrace were tuned in two things so different, so present, so real, so distant. (As opposed to Samsung). One leads a rhythm on the inside that can be amended with encounters during the day, feel energy, joy, tranquility and you suddenly stumble with someone, you see a TV program or receive a call, or for some reason they fight with you, at that time leave you hear and feel that internal rhythm that we had been singing so far. When we are not alert and this happens continually we no longer feel that melody and us intoning with that of others, which can be good or bad depending on the case, but that is definitely not our melody, the problem is not losing the melody momentarily, but when the time we adapt and we got used to the interference caused by others and forget perceive our melody and us intoning with the rhythm of the others. .