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Fitness in the life of a woman Every woman wants to look good, to please others, well, in the end itself. And everyone understands that there are no miracles, and to look good to deal with them. See more detailed opinions by reading what Arup Sandra Akmansoy offers on the topic.. Nowadays it is not problem. There are so many fitness clubs, beauty salons, where women come to maintain their shape, socialize and just relax. To stay slim, you can choose one of the types of fitness, and can alternate between them: Step aerobics – exercise to step platform. The main problem areas are the legs and buttocks. Fitbol – training, which uses a special ball FITBOL. Purpose – to improve balance, develop flexibility.

Shaping – the training, which worked out all the muscle groups. ABS + ABT – strength training. Kalanetika – worked out even the smallest muscles. Pilates – support in muscle tone, and the load on the spine is minimal. This is only part of the existing types of fitness, there are many more! Each can choose for themselves what he likes. If you tired of athletic training – sign up in the dance group.

Dance – a sure way to lose weight. They improve mood, help you relax. For example, belly dancing – a wonderful view of fitness for all women. Strengthen abdominal muscles, develop flexibility and plasticity. Latino – a lesson in the style of Latin American dances. School striptease – the sexiest way to whisk away the calories. But do not forget that the concept of "fitness" does not mean only physical exercise, gymnastics and gym! Fitness – it's an active lifestyle, which combines exercise and proper nutrition. So here are a few rules, as prvilno eating: Eat small, frequent meals Try not to eat fried Drink more water tight breakfast and evening not to overeat is not He arranged abused alcohol fasting days Cheers and enjoy your life!